Rules of Bingo

BINGO is a game and requires many players taking part in its game play. Like Black Jack and Poker BINGO is also very commonly known to players all around the world. For the last many decades no casino or club is supposed to be completed if it does not have BINGO game. Apart from playing BINGO in the clubs and casinos, the game is also played in halls.

The rules of the game, payouts and game play variations vary from place to place and in order for allowing the players playing of this game Bingo brochures with information of the game mentioned on it along with the rules and payouts are easily available at each respective platform where the game is being played.

Accordingly the players buy Bingo cards with numbers written on them in a 5×5 grid which correspond to five letters in the word BINGO. As the game is of chance most of the players have been found to buy more than one Bingo card so as to increase their chances of winning the game while creating more opportunities for them with the help of many cards. The number of players also varies and normally huge number of people takes part in the game. The person who is hosting the game shouts loud in the hall a random number so that the players mark that word if it is written on their girds. The person who shouts out loud the number or letter for players is known as the “Caller”. The caller keeps announcing the numbers and letters until a player shouts loudly “BINGO”. The shouting of the word “BINGO” by any player means that the player has won the game and he can thereby claim his prize which was kept for winning the game. BINGO requires a combination of 5 numbers in a row which must be horizontally, diagonally and vertically. Any player who firstly gets the required combination as per the rules of the game wins the game. It is also to be noted that the person who gets the combination first, also shouts first before anyone else does to claim his reward.

BINGO has also gained its reputed amongst its players over the interest for the past many years. The prizes for winning are increasing tremendously and players from all parts of the world are more attracted towards playing BINGO in order for earning such big amounts.